REC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

REC Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was established in March 1997 with the main goal of providing support to environmental protection, conservation and improvement. Since its establishment, REC BiH has promoted dialogue among the various stakeholders involved in the environmental field (including governments, non-governmental organisations, scientific and research institutions, the business sector and the media). Activities are implemented in both entities of BiH (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska), and also in Brčko District.

REC BiH operates as an international organisation, based on the Charter on Diplomatic Status signed by the REC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina in December 1999.

REC BiH participates in assessing the current environmental needs of the country and offers professional support and assistance to environmental protection activities. It supports the international exchange of data relevant to environmental protection and nature conservation; promotes dialogue between countries, organisations and sectors of society; and broadens the environmental awareness of society and the expertise of professionals and decision makers.