Ministar Mirko Šarović - Snažna podrška projektima i aktivnostima RECa
August 28, 2018

Minister Mirko Šarović - Strong Support to REC and it's projects and activities

Mr. Mirko Šarović, Minster of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Zoran Latinović, Minister Advisor and Mr. Senad Oprašić, Head of Environmental Protection Department and REC General Assembly Member, participated in a very fruitful discussion with Dr. Dejan Komatina acting executive director of the REC and Ms. Lejla Šuman REC...

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REGISTAR OCD - Poziv na suradnju
February 8, 2018

CSO Register - Call for cooperation

The research group at the Regional Environmental Center-Office in BiH (REC BiH) is calling the environmental civil society organizations from BiH (CSOs) to participate in the research to update the existing CSO Registry and to assess the needs and problems of civil society organizations in environmental protection sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This research is part of...

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