CSO Register - Call for cooperation

February 8, 2018


The research group at the Regional Environmental Center-Office in BiH (REC BiH) is calling the environmental civil society organizations from BiH (CSOs) to participate in the research to update the existing CSO Registry and to assess the needs and problems of civil society organizations in environmental protection sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This research is part of the project for supporting CSO for Environmental Protection (called ELAN) which will be implemented by REC BiH from 2017 to 2020, financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

The research will have two practical results:

1 Firstly, it would enable CSOs to be included in the new Register of Environmental CSOs at the national level. The Registry will serve as an important source of information for all individuals and groups interested for environmental protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Secondly, the questionnaire on the needs assessment and problems of civil society organizations will help in the preparation and planning of other activities through the ELAN program:

  • an organizational assessment program for a CSOs/Organizational Viability Component
  • grant program for projects focused on activities in local communities;
  • grant program for projects focused on the development and management of networks of CSOs at the national level;
  • providing necessary training for CSOs on certain topics.

The grant support activities for CSOs will be launched in mid-2018, when an assessment of the needs of CSOs is carried out.

We ask all environmental CSOs in BiH to get involved in this research and to contribute popularizing and prioritizing the work of environmental groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The results will be published in the next edition of the Registry of Environmental CSO, which will be available on on-line, in addition to the printed version.

We ask CSOs to fill in the Register and Questionnaire on CSO needs assessment, which is already submitted and send it to the REC Office in BiH no later than 28th February 2018. at cobihinfo@rec.org. The questionnaire is also available on the REC BiH website: www.bih.rec.org